October 7-8, 2020

 TGFOA Fall Conference

 Webinar Format – Link to be provided at a later date

The TGFOA Executive Committee is excited to announce that in place of our normal fall conference held at the Embassy Suites in Murfreesboro, Tennessee, we will be co-hosting free online training with the Comptroller’s Division of Local Government Audit* this fall.  Our goal is to continue to provide quality training while being responsive to limitations associated with uncertainties surrounding COVID-19 and the resulting budget cuts this fiscal year by many local governments.

Dates:           October 7-8, 2020

Location:      Webinar Format – Link to be provided at a later date

Agenda:       Currently under construction with the Division of Local Government Audit –expect some of your favorites, such as legislative and GASB updates.

CPE Hours:   16 hours  (8 hours each day)

Cost:             FREE

The Executive Committee extends a special thank you to the Comptroller’s Division of Local Government Audit for their partnership.

*Note: This training is intended to provide the promised 16 hours of free CPE training for CCFOs (and CMFOs) under the CCFO Program.

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As of 2019, TGFOA will no longer accept physical checks mailed to the Treasurer. We have implemented a new payment software to accept electronic check payments.

If you are paying the registration with a check, you will need to complete the registration form and choose the “Invoice Me” option for your payment method.  Once the form has been submitted, you will receive two emails.  The first is an email to pay online with a credit/debit card, and the second is an email with the link to process the check payment online.